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Environmental Statement of intent

Mirwin Civil engineering & building contractors Ltd undertakes a range of repairs and maintenance works to Public highways, commercial and domestic properties. We recognise the effect our activities have on the environment and are committed to having a positive impact on the environment wherever possible.

We are fully committed to our statutory obligations and will continually strive to achieve environmental best practice in all activities we undertake

Mirwin Civil engineering & Building contractors Ltd are committed to

Ø  Compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation and the approved codes of practice.

Ø  Continuously seek to improve environmental performances and prevention of pollution.

Ø  Using energy efficiently and introducing energy saving measures.

Ø  Reducing waste produced by the business and the disposal of/or recycling of waste in an appropriate manner.

Ø  Promote the use of products to customers that are environmentally friendly and in turn reduce the use of environmentally unsuitable products.

Ø  Raising awareness of environmental issues with Mirwin Civil engineering & building contractors  employees, Clients and suppliers

In order to achieve this Mirwin Civil Engineering & Building contractors’ ltd will

Ø  Operate an environmental management system, which complies with the requirements of ISO 14001 Standard.

Ø  Initiate working practices that minimises or enhances the effect’s the business has on the environment.

Ø  Set environmental objectives and targets to promote continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

Ø  Audit and review environmental performance and the effectiveness of the environmental system

Ø  Train and educate employees in the importance of environmental issues and the effects their activities have on the environment

The Managing Director of Mirwin Civil Engineering & Building Contractors Ltd has the overall responsibility for the Environmental management system.

Site managers have responsibility for maintaining the Environmental management system within their business area.

Every Employee can contribute towards improving environmental performance by adhering to the requirements and through their own ideas.

All Mirwin Civil engineering & Building contractors ltd Employees, Clients, and suppliers and subcontractors will be made aware of this policy statement